Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Top Ten Back to School You Tube Videos & a Fabulous Freebie

I had my team over for a BBQ on Sunday night and it was so much fun, then I had a staff development meeting on Monday morning to plan out our year in professional development.  Whether I'm ready or not, the school year is creeping up on me.  I'm actually contemplating going into my classroom tomorrow to start working.  I'm post some pictures, eventually.

Today's top ten has me a little giddy.  I was pinning on Pinterest last night and found some fun videos I plan to use this year in my classroom.  Some are old favorites I've used in the past and some are new and some just make me laugh.

I could watch this over and over again!

This one is great for the beginning of the year, especially to infer important ideas about friendships, tolerance, bullying, and more.

Fun video and rap about the elements of a story. Explains plot, character, conflict, setting and theme.

Great for inferring right from the get go...Infer the setting, the profession of the man, what might happen, character feelings based on actions and expressions...

The Actual '73 Giving Tree Movie Spoken By Shel Silverstein

This is another Pixar short for reinforcing or introducing the skill of inference; allow students to watch the entire film (5 minutes) then replay it, stopping to ask inference questions

Fun song to use when learning about map skills.

Vowel Bat - My students would sing this when they were working during word workshop!

Everyone LOVES Pete the Cat

You know you have all been here before - Jerry Seinfeld teaching a history class on SNL

Hope you enjoyed those!

Now for some exciting news, I finished my Reading Workshop Launching unit for First Grade AND it is aligned to the CCSS.  I may not have my room ready, but at least I know what I will be teaching the first month of school in Reader's Workshop. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, I would love to know what you use to launch your Reader's workshop.


Sarah Paul said...

This is great! Wow! Thanks for sharing!
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Jeanne said...

Wonderful document and so in depth! Thank you so much for sharing. You will make my first graders love reading also.

Immeasurably More Mama said...

I clicked the link for the document and it didn't work...help! :)

rubygirl said...

I clicked on the link too and it doesn't work! Help!

Kailey said...

Any possible chance you could send this link? This resource is fantastic and would be just incredibly helpful!

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