Sunday, August 26, 2012

This is the End . . . and a lesson on the power of positive people

The end has come, the end of summer, the end of all my relay races, the end of sleeping in (as much as you can with children).
Our FANTASTIC 2012 Hood to Coast team!
This summer has been unlike any summer I've had.  I've experienced new friendships, watched both of my daughters grow more independent and found out how important it is to keep things positive.

Often I find myself going to the darkside . . . looking for the worst case scenario, seeing the glass half empty, finding ALL the things that could go wrong.  

After spending the summer with an amazing group of friends, family and runners I think I'm learning about the importance of being positive.  I'm hoping this will be something I can sustain and take with me into the classroom this year.

Take for example my sister.  She is one of the strongest people I know.  She had a baby in February (I will post a picture because he is so cute!) and in August was running a 216 mile relay.  Only through hard work, dedication and a positive attitude could she have achieved this AND she had 4 legs while the rest of us had 3.  Katie ~ you are my hero!  
My nephew - Cooper  Isn't he the cutest!
Then there is my van mates.  I spent more than 65 hours in a mini van with these wonderful 6 individuals.  Now I can safely say, (and it is true) that I am the slowest runner in our van, but at no time did they ever make me feel that way.  They were always positive, encouraging, and they gave me the strength to do my best and be OK with who I am as a runner.

Thanks vanmates!  There is not another group of people I would have spend that much time in a van with!
 And finally there is Mr. M.  Although he probably would not agree with me, I think he is one of the most amazing people I know.  2 years ago he quit his upper level management job at a big corporation to go back to school and pursue his passion ~ teaching. Now he has his masters in education and some lucky school is going to get him for a teacher.  Although there have been hiccups along the way, he has NEVER given up and has always kept his focus on the prize ~ educating children. 
Mr. M and our youngest snuggling on the couch.
So, what I'm trying to say is that because of all these wonderful people I'm finally ready to begin my school year.  If you read any of the previous posts you know I have been dragging my heels and not ready to start the school year.  There have been several changes in my school this year that have caused my to be a Debbie Downer.

But now I see that change is good and it can become whatever you make it. I officially report on Wednesday and I will get to see my kiddos on Tuesday for Meet the Teacher night and then on Wednesday, September 5th School is in Session!

What have you taken away from your summer?  Any big lessons learned?  What about meet the teacher night?  I always do the same thing and I would LOVE some new ideas.  It looks like I will be hitting Pinterest later!


Tim said...

You did...AWESOME! You may not be 'fast,' but you are far stronger than you even know. You're going to have a great year (it'll just be a much bigger van!).

Jan said...

Yay for back to school! I love it when things are new and everyone gets a fresh start! We don't do meet the teacher night so I can't help there, but I hope you find some good ideas!

Mrs. Lammers said...

Congratulations on having a positive, fun, memorable summer! And congrats on finishing two incredible relays - you rock. I just finished reading "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin and am inspired to start this year on a high, happy note.

Maria Eshman said...

What a great summer!!! Congrats on all your relays. That is a goal of mine, sometime in the future. :) On our Meet the Teacher, we did Starbursts with a quote that said, "We're Curious to see how your STAR will BURST this year". I hope it gives you some inspiration!
Good luck!!!


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