Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lost and Found . . . part 1

Grab a cup of coffee, tea, diet coke, lemonade, beer or wine . . . this is going to be a long post (or possibly the first of 2 posts)  

Well, it's been exactly 2 months since I've last been on the old blog; so I have a lot to report.  I'm titling this post Lost and Found because I feel it sums up my summer accurately. For me this was a summer of losing myself in wilderness, my family and running and finding that I am stronger than I ever thought I was and that I have some of the most supportive friends & family around.  
Me and my fellow Cascade Lake runners & teachers at Crater Lake

Let's begin with June:
June started with school ending.  My first year of teaching kindergarten under my belt. I have to be honest, I was a little relieved.  If you've been following my blog at all you know that teaching kindergarten has been very challenging for me. I absolutely have more understanding and compassion for kindy teachers now than I had on the past. Our year ended with a kinder-lympics and a celebration of all our hard work and learning.  
Erupting our volcanoes


Sack races
Once school was out I immediately embraced summer and threw a BBQ for the fam. My family has a habit of clustering birthdays and anniversaries so this was a BBQ to celebrate ALL the spring/summer anniversaries & birthdays and holidays. Plus my sister and brother-in-law had just come into town so all the cousins were reunited.
LOVE my sweet Lola

They look like they are up to something don't they

This is how I felt when school got out : )


All the cousins hanging out!

Once we had time to celebrate we were off on our trip to Yellowstone.  This was something I had been looking forward to since we made the plans several months ago.  I have never been to Yellowstone, or even that part  of the United States except to drive through it. I had been reading the book The Last Child in the Woods so I was anxious to put it into practice.  No cell phones, computers, TV, nothing.  This was my time to get lost in nature!

Yellowstone is some of the most beautiful scenery I have seen in a long time (until this past weekend, but we'll get to that)  There was a lot of driving, but the destination was worth it.  Here are a few highlights:
The Grand Tetons

Jackson Hole, Wy - standing by a arc of antlers

Maddie getting back to nature

There is a grizzly bear in there - can you see it?

I loved watching the buffalo roam

Old Faithful

Watching Old Faithful 

I could probably post another 100 photos, but I don't have the patience to load them right now.  

After Yellowstone I lost my oldest daughter when she headed back to the south with her grandparents and Mr. M and I headed home with the little one. When we got back to the northwest Mr. M and I lost ourselves in potty training our almost 3 year old.  For those of you that have been through potty training or are going through potty training you can empathize with me when I tell you it was the worst 2 weeks of my summer. Trying to potty train a strong-willed child results in frustration, tears, yelling and pulling out hair (and I'm only talking about Mr. M and myself!) But FINALLY Lola is a big girl! 
Just like a grown-up : ) 
Soon after the potty training period Mr. M and I found ourselves parents of an independent, strong, precocious, hilarious 3 year-old child.
What a face!!

Naked as usual blowing out the candles on her cake

Having a picnic in the backyard in her panties - I'm surprised her shirt is still on

That brings us up through July.  I will save August for part 2.  What you say, It's only August 7th?  Yes it is, but I feel like it's been August for a long time.  During all these events Mr. M and I were training for our first of 2 relay races this summer. Tomorrow I will share our Cascade Lakes Relay adventure and a few teaching plans I've been working on. 


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You are now annointed as Kindergarten Royalty! You did it and I bet you'll be glad to visit first grade again.

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