Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tuesday Top Ten (on a Wednesday becasue I was so busy reading a book!)

I had the BEST intentions of posting last night but I'm currently reading the final book in the Stieg Larson trilogy The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.  I finished it!  So GOOD!  Now my next job will be to watch the movies, the Swedish version of course.  Hello spring break!

Now that's out of the way I can get to my top ten this week.  Like I stated in my previous post, my friend gave me a wonderful idea for a top ten and I am running with it.  Have you read the book The Wonder of Girls?  I have, many times, and I still marvel at the things that my two young girls do.  I absolutely feel for Mr. M who is the lone male in our household.

Here are the top ten things about raising two girls:
1. Every time they ask for something, there is drama.  Let me explain.  "Mom, I am DYING of thirst, I really need something to drink."  Really!?  You couldn't of just said, "May I have some milk please?"  Even the 2 year old does it!

2. We have more pink in our house than in a bottle of Pepto Bismol.  When Maddie was born I tried very hard to steer clear of "girlie" things like the typical pink covered onesie with bows and fringe and glitter (we will get to that later).  It's inevitable that friends and family will give you pink things with bows and fringe and glitter.  Now that we have 2 girls it's everywhere.

3. Girls hang onto their emotions FOREVER!  When something happens, like they get into trouble or make a mistake or fight with a friend, it takes days and weeks to get over it. My oldest daughter will mope around the house about something that happened last week.

4. There is hair everywhere.  Our oldest daughter has long hair and our youngest has long hair and they both leave a trail of their hair everywhere.  Although if you were to ask Mr. M I do the same thing.  You should see our bathroom drain!

5. There is glitter everywhere (from the glitter, pink covered onesie and princess costumes)  Last weekend I woke up with glitter on my forehead after an evening of dress up!

6. Mr. M knows all the names of Strawberry shortcake and her gang.

7. They roll their eyes so loud you can hear it across the room.  I'm sure that boys do the same thing, but with girls it is VERY dramatic ( isn't everything?)

8. Everything is cute.  Enough said!

9. They are great at sharing their emotions.  With our girls you always know exactly what they are feeling and why.

10. They always tell you they love you!  And I love them very much too!


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