Sunday, January 29, 2012

Writer's & Word Workshop

One of the most difficult adjustments for me when I started teaching kindergarten was how I taught writing.  When students came to me in first and second grade most of them had some understanding of writing. I think it is safe to say that most kindergartners do not.  SO I had to start from scratch.

After many months of having the same lessons over and over again, I'm am so excited to announce that my kindergartners have turned into real authors. All of them are attempting print on the page and are clearly expressing their ideas on paper.

I think "the change" happened when I read the book Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk. Then we charted what we saw the mouse do in the story.  If a mouse could be an author - so can we!

After the reading the story many students were inspired to write stories about mice!

"The Mouse That Fought"

"Squeaky can fight cats."

"Squeaky won!"

"The cat pounced at the mouse."

Next I started teaching small moment stories.  Currently I am teaching writing conventions.  Here are some of my "awesome authors":

I love that this author called this her "my moment story"

One of the other things I did was revamp my daily schedule so I could fit in time to work with more small groups (having a student teacher in my room doesn't hurt either)

Jan 30 lesson plans

I have been using the Fountas and Pinnell Phonics Lessons: Letters, Words, and How They Work during word workshop time and then the students work independently practicing those skills while I work with small groups or individuals.  I also introduced our popcorn words or sight words and made some practice sheets to use with my intervention groups. It's amazing how much progress they are making!

Read Write Create Set 1

Read Write Create Set 2

Read Create Write Set 3

Read Create Write Set 4

Read Create Write Set 5

Read Create Write Blank


Miss Foote said...

I am jealous of your student teacher! You have been tagged....come check it out.

Chickadee Jubilee

Tammy said...

I absolutely LOVE to know that kindergarteners are writing daily. I'm a first grade teacher, and I believe in the power of a great young writer. I love to post about writer's workshop in fact. (I'm following now by the way.)

Forever in First

Molli927 said...

what do you think about your F&P phonics program? we've been adopting lots of Teacher College stuff for reading & writing workshop & that is what they suggest for phonics. I teach 1st, but we're looking at it for K-5. I'd love to hear your opinion!

Mrs. Smyth said...

I'm awarding you the One Lovely Blog award! I love reading your ideas and insights :) Come check it out at:
New Adventures in First Grade

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