Thursday, January 19, 2012

Top Ten List (I know it's not Tuesday, but it's about time for a top ten)

Today was one of "those" days.  We had a snow day yesterday (thank you cold front for moving in to provide that!) So today was adjusting from being out for a snow day (which is rare here in the Couv') Keep in mind we were also out on Monday for MLK day . . . and it's kindergarten so they are easily excited.  It was one of those days that went from fantastic to horrible faster than the snow melted on Wednesday (which was fast). 
This is what I felt like today!

Our Writer's Workshop was wonderful!!! We read Library Mouse and talked about what real authors do and the ways that we can be real authors (I will post about this later when I have some pictures - it was a fabulous lesson) The students were all working so hard to write their books.  It was LOVELY!  By the time we got to the afternoon (only 1 hour later) there was coins being swallowed and bugers being rubbed onto the carpet, you get the picture.

My Top Ten today is inspired by an incident that happened at the very end of the day. These are the top ten things necessary to teach kindergarten that no one ever tells you:

1. Every kindergarten teacher should take crossfit training!  I just started and although it's kicking my bootie, it came in handy today when I had to stop a child from slamming a fence into my class.
This was me on  Monday night, minus the bikini and my weights were only 5 pounds and two of these women equal one of me, but I'm getting there!

2. Every kindergarten teacher should watch Kindergarten Cop - it's really closer to the movie than you think!

3. Every kindergarten teacher should expect the unexpected - like when your students use calendar time to vote on whether they like your hair curly or straight (curly won).

4. Every kindergarten teacher should learn that it's OK to cut students off - don't feel bad when you ask them to stop talking. It's OK to not be nice and tell them that if they keep talking you will literally be here all day.

5. Every kindergarten teacher should carry tissues.  You NEVER know when something they say or do will make you cry. They have a way of getting into your hearts and camping out there.
Where is Pacey when you need him?

6. Every kindergarten teacher needs to have a team - don't think you can do it by yourself.  It truly takes a village! (and it's nice to have someone to take you for happy hour at the end of a LONG week)
Here's my team - I love these guys!

7. Every kindergarten teacher needs to take yoga - just as important as crossfit - but it helps you learn how to breathe and strengthens your core for when you have to sit at the carpet for long periods of time. (or for when you have to carry a child to the office )

8. Every kindergarten teacher needs to vent - it's OK to share about your day and vent when something goes horribly wrong.  These vent sessions often lead to new ideas and inspiring moments!

9. Every kindergarten teacher needs to be OK with dancing - I was NOT a singer/dancer/chanter.  I have since changed my ways and on some days you will find me singing/dancing/chanting my day away.  They LOVE this!
This is what I look like dancing.

10.  Every teacher should teach kindergarten!

What is your advice for teaching kindergarten?


Kenneth Dekker said...

Every Kindergarten teacher should get a mandatory break in the sensory room with a weighted blanket and a jar of paste..."please go out and play Billy this is a special time for Ms. lippy" (Billy Madison).

Jennifer said...

Love your top ten!

Your comment on National Board Certification made me feel so much better! We want to have a baby in the next year or so so the fact that it was still doable makes me feel a bit less panicked! I'm just dying to get out of Texas and back to Seattle! So jealous that y'all had snow!

I'm a new follower!
Rowdy in First Grade

Reagan Tunstall said...

I just found you and I am in love! I love making top tens. I also love pictures and your crossfit picture is ridiculous. I don't teach kinder, but I can totally relate to your top ten!!!! First grade is only a few months of development different....and for some of my kiddos...I am not sure it they got the memo that they aren't in kinder any more!

Mrs. Bee said...

I was so jealous!! Just a little bit south and lots of talk of snow day, but we didn't get it!! boo!!

Lisa Lizak and Beth Wright said...

I love #2! Every teacher should see that movie :) #10 is very true...I wanted to student teach 5ht grade and I was assigned kindergarten. They told me if I could teach kindergarten, I could teach anything :) Have a great day!

Lisa :) (new follower)
Made In The Shade In Second Grade

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