Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Parent of the Year Award . . . and speaking of awards I got one (or a nomination I should say)

As I am writing this post my youngest daughter is eating a Nutella sandwich ( a chocolate sandwich she calls it) and my oldest is out to dinner with Mr. M getting clucks and fries.  Yes folks, I am forgoing cooking dinner tonight by feeding my family a less than healthy option.  It's just been one of those days.  Parent of the year?  Probably not.  I should also mention my youngest is eating her chocolate sandwich in front of the television. 
Eating her sandwich watching Sprout
Post sandwich - please keep in mind she did not nap today!

Don't you have days like this where you get home and just feel like vegging?  Today was one of them for me. It was supposed to be a snow day (except I forgot to tell the snow this) and our big snow storm turned into a big wet rain storm.  Typical northwest weather, always letting me down.

One bright spot today was an e-mail I received. My modest, little blog has been nominated for The Most Fascinating Blog of 2011 ~ Teaching Blogs.  What?!  Really?!  Me!?  Coolio!

Online PhD Programs

This has made up for my lack of snow today.  You can click on the above "badge" to vote for your favorite blog from January 21st to the 26th.  Many fabulous blogs have been nominated, so even if mine is not your favorite, please support the teaching blog community and vote! 


Mama Ish said...

very cool! love Lola's post sandwich pic!

Miss Foote said...

Congrats! I just realized how close we are in location. I am in Portland....did you love all the snow:-)?

Chickadee Jubilee

Mrs. Clancy said...

Hi Jennifer I saw that you posted on my class blog about the writing goals. If you go to my teacher blog you can download the template. Thanks!! I love your blog too! Congrad! on the award
My teaching blog is http://joyfullearninginkc.blogspot.com/

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