Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Art in the Classroom ~ A look into our kinder art project in pictures

One of my goals for the school year was to incorporate more art into my classroom.  First step?  finding some fantastic art projects on Pinterest.  Step two?  Implementing them into my classroom. I realized after my post last night that it has been a long time since I have posted any classroom pics and it was long over due.  Here are some art projects we worked on and a few other pictures from around my classroom.

The first few pictures are from December - we learned about Georges Seurat.  His birthday is on December 2nd and he is one of my favorite painters.  The students learned about his technique of pointillism , using small points of color to create pictures.  We tried our hand at pointillism too.

Our next project was a family project.  I try to send these home once a month - it's a project that families can work on together that relates back to a piece of literature that we have read. In the beginning of January we read Snowballs by Lois Ehlert.  This book inspired us to make out own snowman out of materials from around the house.

Knight in shining amour snowman

Girl in a cookie dress snowman

I loved that this students used coconut as snow!

 This next project we started today.  Every Wednesdays is an early release day and our schedule is a little wonky.  We don't quite have enough time for a full workshop so I've been doing art. We read 2 books about Vincent Van Gogh, one fiction and one biography.

Then we looked at some of his work, and looked at how he used lines to show movement.  We then made our own versions of A Starry Night.  I found the idea here on Deep Space Sparkle.  If you have not looked at this blog I highly recommend it.  Some of my favorite art projects have come from here.

Finally here are a few pictures of some charts from our Writer's Workshop.  I have to say Writer's workshop is my favorite time of the day, well one of my favorite.  I cannot believe how much my students have grown as writers.  I will show some of their work tomorrow.  (I thought there was already enough pictures). When we returned from winter break I took a few days to review the components and expectations of writer's workshop.  I made this chart that I found on this blog; Chartums.  It's a great resource on how to effectively chart your students' thinking.

Then we worked on the expectations of workshop and setting goals for ourselves as writer's  I've been keeping the students' goals that I set for them in my conferring notes, but it never occurred to me to post them until I read this post at Joyful Learning in KC. We talked about what a real author does and how each of my students are turning into real authors.  Then we charted all the things that we can do to be real authors and turned those into goals.

This students got to pick their goal and this way I can conference with them in guided groups according to goals.  They did a fabulous job and almost all of them chose the goal that I would have chosen for them.  So smart!!  Mrs. Clancy has a printable copy of the goals posted on her blog.  And I will include mine below!

some clipart by Scrappin Doodles


Mrs. Coe said...

I LOVE these goals and I am DESPERATE for them but it won't let me download. Can you help?

Lori said...

What a great idea! I am definitely going to make a visual goal reaching chart. This is just brilliant. Thanks, also, for including the cute goal cards.

susan said...

Thank you so much - I love these goal setting cards, great idea!

susan said...

Thank you so much - I love these goal setting cards, great idea!

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