Sunday, October 9, 2011

Owl Art

We have had a busy week learning about nocturnal animals.  Every Friday I do some kind of project with my students.  Call it a celebration for working so hard during the week.

I must warn you with a disclaimer - I am not a messy person.  I don't like getting messy or dirty or messy & dirty.  That being said I am learning to overcome my fear.  So on Friday we dove headfirst into Owl art.  (The Friday before I made crockpot applesauce with them)

Here are some of my students using a apple peeler, corer, slicer to get the apples ready for the applesauce.

We began with black paper because owls are nocturnal.

Then the students added a branch premade by my fabulous student teacher.

Then they drew a circle for a head and an oval for a body.  We have had many art lessons on using lines and shapes for our pictures. Some students even added a moon and stars which I loved because in Writer's Workshop we have been talking about adding details to show the story through our picture.

Then students got to tear paper to add as the feathers.  I liked the tearing because it worked their fine motor skills, required no scissors and the tearing made the paper look "fluffy like an owl" according to one very wise kindergartner. After the entire body is filled in the student made feet, a beak and eyes.

This owl looks like it is either landing or taking off!

I love the colors used in this owl.

Look at the eyes - according to the artist "he's looking for food"

I got this idea from a FANTASTIC website Mrs. Brown's Art Class.

I think I am learning to get messy in order to help my students be creative.  In two week we are launching Pumpkinpalloza! Wish me luck!


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