Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Funny Story . . . and A NEW TOP TEN LIST! Best Halloween Movies

One of the things I love about teaching kindergartners is that I never know what will come out of their mouths.  The things they say are unexpected, brilliant, thoughtful and hilarious! 

Take our calendar time today.  During calendar we have a class meteorologist that gives a weather report.  Our classroom windows face the front of our school and I've shown the students how you can use the flag to tell if it is windy outside. Last week one of my students noticed our flag was at half staff.  I told the students that when someone important passes away the flag is flown at half staff to show respect and to honor that person.  The students asked who it was and we called the front office to find out. A former Washington governor passed away and he was over 100 years old.  Today one of my students noticed the flag was at half staff again and announced to the class, "Somebody died!"  All the students rushed over to check the flag and confirm this statement.  Yep, the flag was at half staff. The students and I called up to the front office to see who had passed away.  They couldn't remember when I called so the students began to speculate which important person it could have been. One insightful young lady suggested it could have been the man who built our school.  He was a very important person because he made a school for us.  Several other students offered up their suggestions and the reasons why this particular person was important.  Then one little voice came from the group.  "It could of been Justin Bieber.  He is very important and the flag would be put half way down for him."  The rest of the students agreed that this was true and that the flag was flown at half staff for Justin Bieber.

I later found out the flag was at half staff today because of a soldier that lost his life.  I think I'll let my students think it was Justin Bieber. The reality is a little too sad and I needed to smile today.

Now for my top ten.  I LOVE this time of year.  One reason is because my oldest daughter celebrates her birthday, but I mostly love this time of year because I LOVE Halloween. 
I LOVE watching the leaves turn color and fall from the trees. 
I LOVE when the sky turn bright blue but the air outside is cold and crisp. 
I LOVE getting out my cozy sweaters and my boots. 
I LOVE going to the pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin to carve and get fresh apples for apple tarts. 
But mostly I LOVE Halloween and that fact that there are scary movies on to watch.  Now when I say scary I should clarify that statement by saying I like the suspenseful movies, NOT gory. 

Here are my favorite Halloween movies:

Shaun of the Dead (OK this one has a little gore, but it's SOOOOO good I can look past that)

Halloween (the original)

The Birds

Rosemary's Baby ( AT one time I thought I was having Rosemary's Baby)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (dammit Janet, I love you)

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (OK, not scary but you can't tell me you don't LOVE watching this too)

Young Frankenstein



The Walking Dead (So while not technically a movie, this is a TV show I look forward to more than any other)

The Shining

Was that 11?  Oh well. What are some of your favorites?


Kerri said...

Your Justin Bieber story makes me think of my first graders last year. They were convinced that Justin Bieber went to our school because there was an eighth grader who looked like him. And they terrorized the poor kid. Every time they would see him on the playground they chased him yelling Justin Bieber. I finally had to call them all together and talk about what the kid's name was and how Justin Bieber didn't go to our school. Kids are too funny!

Room A-5 said...

Where is The Exorcist? I am making Maddie watch it with me this year. I think almost 17 is old enough.

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