Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Top Ten is back! (and the story about how I became the accidental runner)

So I've told the story about how I became the accidental teacher and how I became the accidental mom, so I guess it's time to share about where the runner came into the picture.

For about 20 years I've considered myself a beginner runner.  I do enjoy running very much, but I've never been competitive at it.  I do it to stay healthy and to escape and get some fresh air.  I started running quite by accident.  When I was 14 my family up and moved from our cozy home in Seattle, Wa to Brussels, Belgium.  Now I've always been pretty good in school, but when my dad told me we were moving to Brussels I asked why we were going to Germany. (For those of you parents out there that have teenagers, imagine taking your said teenager and moving them from their friends and familiar setting to a brand new country where they speak Flemish!!!)  We moved in June and needless to say my summer was awful.  Awful for me, awful for my parents, awful for everyone.  Finally school started and I began to make some friends.  I settled into a extraordinary life of a teenager in Europe. I wanted to be more involved in school life and I played a little soccer, but was not ready for the varsity soccer team, so I ended up joining the cross country team.  They had space, I didn't have to try out and my best friend had also joined.  I ran for the team for 3 years and have been running off and on ever since. 

My sister & I
I've taken breaks here and there, but now I have finally gotten back into running.  I have run a few races and duathlons with my sister and friends and even was ready to run the Hood to Coast until an injury prevented me. But I'm back and ready to rock ( I signed up again to run the H2C but our team didn't make the cut) so my newest endeavour is The Warrior Dash!

Yes you actually get to leap over fire!!!
 I've been training/running more than I normally would to prepare myself.  I used to run faithfully with my ipod, but started to run without it because I was able to focus more on listening to my body. I now actually prefer to run in silence but every now and then I crank up my ipod and run with my jams. 

Here are my top ten favorite songs to run to:

1. The Man in Black by Johnny Cash

2. Drown by Smashing Pumpkins

3. The One by Foo Fighters (actually ANY song by the Foo Fighters will work)

4. Run by Gnarls Barkley

5. Cat and Mouse by Nikki and Rich

6. Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis

7. Girls and Boys in Love by The Rumble Strips

8. 22 by Lily Allen

9. Tightrope by Janelle Monae

10. Violet by Hole

So there you have it, the entire story behind the name of my blog.  Although I don't blog a whole lot about running, it is the thing that keeps me grounded and sane when the other facets of my life get a little crazy. 


Tim said...

see? I told you you'd like running without your ipod:-)

Cyndy said...

I was also an accidental runner just because I needed a quicker way to release stress in my life. Ran a half-marathon last year and it was AMAZING! I LOVED it! I was planning to run it again this past June but had a major car accident in April. 2 plates and 7 screws to my ankle later, and now I can't run for at least a year. My goal is to run a half again in my life. I miss running so much! I like your idea of running without the Ipod. I had never thought of that but it totally makes sense! Best of luck with your running adventures!
Counting with Coffee

Anonymous said...

I do love Johnny Cash, although I never thought of his music as running music, ha! :-) I love reading people's top 10s, and this was a great one!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm not quite sure how I came across your blog, but when I saw the words "teach", and "running", well, I was hooked! Very very cute look to this blog! Anyway, I loved reading about how you became an accidental runner- I can totally relate! I came into it from a friend who signed me up for a half marathon, and well, the rest is history:-) I'm sure you'd agree that running helps with the stress of teaching- God bless ya for teaching The Tiny Ones! I have a special place in my heart for Kindy teachers! So, all I have left to say is good luck with the school year, and keep on rockin' the races- that Warrior Dash looks Awesome! I look forward to your future posts:-)

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