Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Top Ten Smells of Summer and the Winner of the Cold Stone giveaway

Last night when I was lighting the coals on our Weber grill to make grilled pizzas (a staple for us during the summer) I was struck by an idea for my top ten today ~ My favorite smells of summer!

This may seem an odd choice, but you have to agree with me that there are certain smells during the summertime that you can't smell during any other season.  They force you to relax and slow down and take in every moment that summer has to offer.

1. Grill - you know when your neighbors are grilling.  You can walk outside and within an instant you can smell the smokiness of the charcoal or the chicken or salmon that is getting crisp and juicy.  It's making my mouth water just talking about it!

2. Campfires - We are a camping family and one of my favorite smells is the campfire smell that settles into you clothes and hair and reminds me that I am back in nature. (and about to make some s'mores!)

3. Sunscreen - I LOVE the smell of sunscreen because it means I am about to enjoy a day in the sun (which feels rare this summer in the northwest)

4. The beach - almost every year we take a trip to the Oregon or Washington coast and I always know when we are getting close because you can smell the saltiness of the ocean and the crisp breeze.

5. Peaches - When the peaches arrive at the farmer's market they have the sweetest smell (did you notice my entries today revolve a lot around food, maybe I should have made this post after I ate breakfast)

6. Freshly mown grass - I know this also seems odd, but I really go love the smell of freshly mown grass. 

7. Tomato plants - This year I was not able to grow my garden since Mr. M & I are reworking our backyard, but I did grow some tomatoes in pots and every time I water them I love the smell of the fresh leaves and the tomatoes growing. 

8. Farmer's Market - you know my obsession with Farmer's Markets and for those of you that frequent them they have the most wonderful smell - it's freshly baked goods, and fresh produce and food vendors ( again my mouth is watering!)

9. Wind (bear with me here)  - Where I live we occasionally get this east wind that is warm with a slightly summery smell.  I can't really describe it but I do love to sit in my backyard and read a book and feel it on my face - pure summer!

10. Ice Cream - there is nothing like a trip to the ice cream store on a warm, sunny evening and the sweet smell of sticky ice cream as my two year old gets it on everything!!

Now for the winner of the Cold Stone Creamery $20 Gift Card . . . .   Congratulations to . .

True Random Number Generator21Powered by RANDOM.ORG
(If anyone knows how to capture the random screen and print it on their blog I would love some pointers)

Tanya @ First Grade is Fantabulous said "Happy birthday. I'm a follower!
☺ Tanya "

Please e-mail me with your address so I can send you your gift card - and thanks to everyone who entered.  I really enjoyed reading all your ideas for how you celebrate birthdays in your classroom!

PS - Tanya I noticed you just had a giveaway and was able to post the random generator pic on your blog - could you please tell me how you did this?  Thanks!!


Tanya said...

Yay! I'm so excited! I love Cold Stone! (and S'mores!)To place a pic of the Random Number.org--I have Windows 7 and there is a snipping tool in the start menu, it's super easy to use. I snip, then place in a paint file to save as a jpg. If you don't have Windows 7, you can take a screen shot, then you have to play around with it in paint to remove all the junk you don't want on it. Not sure how clear this explanation is LOL
☺ Tanya
First Grade is Fantabulous!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Congrats to Tanya! And so true about the smells of summer! We were just talking about this last night. Hey girl, I need your address please...if you still want a sticker. :) amandaodum46@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jennyfer, thanks for stopping by my blog. If you want a Pinterest button, log in and go to the About drop down menu, then click on About. From the menu on the side, click on Goodies and the buttons are there. Just grab the code and go! :-)

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