Friday, August 19, 2011

A Blank Canvas (& some Reader's Workshop plans)

Yesterday I finally made it into my classroom. I spent 3 hours there and I was able to arrange my desks the way I wanted them, but I have a loooonnnnnggggg way to go. I like to think of my room as a blank canvas, ready to be transformed into a kindergarten classroom.

This was what I accomplished in 3 hours, I guess it's better than nothing at all!

Luckily I have 2 more weeks (and boy will I need it!)
At least I know what I will be teaching.  Here is my plan for the first 30 days of Reader's Workshop in kindergarten.  There is a LOT of lessons on listening, turn & talk, listening, taking care of books & listening.
Reader's Workshop the First 30 Days of Kindy

Thanks again to everyone for your thoughtful comments on my last few posts.  If I haven't got back to you, be patient, I will.  Again please feel free to ask questions, leave comments, this is all new territory for me.  There are not a lot of resources out there for Reader's workshop in kindergarten.  Most of them start in first grade.  Enjoy!


Mrs. Krouskop-Smith said...

Thank you so much for this and the Writer's Workshop one - I can't wait to really read them and get some great ideas from them!

Kool Kinders

kinderkate said...

Thank you so much for posting this Readers Workshop document. I am having trouble downloading it through scribd (which I have an account). Is there another way I could view the document.

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