Thursday, July 14, 2011

Top Ten New Blogs I've Discovered Through Pinterest

Yes, it's my Tuesday top ten (just two days late).  I've been so good at relaxing and not thinking too much about teaching and school that I forgot to put together my Tuesday Top Ten! 

Like most of you I've discovered the world of Pinterest.  I've even started a few of the projects I pinned.  I'm making a birthday banner for Lola's birthday party on Saturday and I'm making the milk crate seats that I pinned to my Creative Classroom board.  Tonight I'm trying a recipe from my Yum that looks good board - the Flank Steak and Avocado Taco Salad. 

Since I've discovered the world of Pinterest, I've also discovered several "new" blogs.  I put new in quotes because these blogs are new to me.  So I thought I would share them with you! Here are ten new blogs I'm am now following:

1. Eighteen25 - This blog has SOOO many wonderful DIY gift ideas and fantastic recipes. One of my favorites is the teacher appreciation ideas.  They include step by step directions and printable labels.

2. For the Love of Cooking - LOVE THIS SITE!!  Tonight I'm trying the steak and avocado salad.  However I've pinned several more recipes I intend on trying before my summer is through (just because I have more time to cook)  Each recipe has step by step directions, pictures for each step and printable directions.  Tomorrow night I may have to try the Mediterranean Orzo salad with Grilled Vegetables.

3. Handprint and Footprint Art - One of my goals this upcoming school year is to include more purposeful art in my teaching.  When I stumbled across this art blog I got giddy!  Just look at this idea for a crab handprint picture with song!

There are LOADS of other wonderful art and parent gift ideas - all made with finger, hand and foot prints!

4. It is What it is - another fabulous blog with DIY ideas. Beth has a segment called What's on the Nightstand where she shares what book she is reading. All of her ideas come with directions including printable labels.  I noticed that MANY  people have pinned the Smartie Pants idea in their classroom pins, that came from here!

5. Meet the Dubiens - this is yet another wonderful craft and food blog written by Jill, a mom from Canada.  She is so creative and crafty.  I found some super cute sock monkey cupcakes I'm making for Lola's birthday party on Saturday (her bedroom is a sock monkey theme).

6. Mrs. Beam's First Grade - I thought I was following just about every kindy, first blog there was.  Then I found Jenn's blog. It was here that I found this handwriting poem.  She also has resources for writing workshop and great homework ideas.

7. Mrs. Picasso's Art Room - another excellent resources for art projects for your classroom (or home). Mrs. Picasso is an art teacher and each of her projects has step by step directions and which grade level they would be appropriate for.  This is one I'm trying next year!

8. No Dime Design - This blog is written by a mom from Alaska (where there is no Pottery Barn or IKEA, can you imagine?!?!) who find ideas from places like The Land of Nod and makes them herself (CHEAP). It was here that I found the directions for how to make this chalkboard table.

9. U Create with Kids - If you have kids or work with kids, then check out this blog. Such creativity!  This is where I found this fun food project - it may be lunch tomorrow!

10. Hungry Happenings - which I discovered when I found UCreate with Kids! Look at these Starfish S'mores!  I'm making these when we take our annual beach trip at the end of the month!
 I hope you have discovered a new blog or two out there or even a new idea.  What things have you discovered through Pinterest?


Busy Bees said...

What are we all going to do about Pinterest when we head back to school? It looks like you have found some fun things. I have found a lot for at home and school both. I will have to share those with you.

Room A-5 said...

I don't know what Pinterest is-looks like something I would love, but have NO time to get involved in something else! So, I will steal the ideas that you steal...
Can't wait to try the flank steak/avocado salad! YUM!

artsy_momma said...

Thanks for including me in your post :) I am going to have to check out that Hungry Happenings!

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