Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top Ten Things I HEART about Summer

Being the first day of summer, I had to make my top ten list about summer.  Being a teacher & a parent I adore summertime.  I think it is because I get to spend LOTS of time with my children. 

Here it goes!

1. Waking up on my own with out an alarm clock!

Instead I get to wake up to this every morning!!!

2. Being able to run in the morning and not have to take my shower until 11 am (like I did today!)

3. Spending the afternoons sitting on my back porch reading a good book.

4. Being able to spend oodles of time with my daughters!

Madzilla & Lola Bug playing together

5. Going camping!

Silver Falls - Our favorite family camping spot.

6. Going to the beach (every year we take a trip out to our fav beach spot on the Oregon coast!)

7. Eating strawberry shortcake with fresh strawberries from the farmer's market (especially if they are the Hood strawberries - you don't even have to add sugar!!)

8. Being able to go to the farmer's market on a Monday ( I love the one at Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland)

9. Staying up late (I rarely do, but every now and then I like to stay up and watch bad movies)

Reign of Fire - LOVE IT!
10. Finally getting some warm weather - which doesn't happen often in the Northwest!

What do you enjoy best about summer?


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