Monday, June 13, 2011


Three more days left.  Actually it's more like two days as we have one whole day and two half days on Wednesday and Thursday, but who's counting?

Three more days of community circle (where my firsties share WAY too much, but I love getting a glimpse into their lives)  Three more days of calendar and math workshop where I have just taught my first graders about fractions and they blew me away with how quickly they picked up the concept.  I knew they were geniuses.  Three more days of tattling and crying when they don't get the spot in line they want.  Three more days of seeing their beautiful smiles and hearing giggling whenever I say the word "but" as in, "find a partner for reading/math/editing but make sure you chose someone who you can be successful with."  Three more days of being with students who inspire me to be more generous and kind.  Three more days . . .

Three more days to enter my giveaway for an gift card. It's just a small way to thank the people who take time to read my blog.  You can enter here.


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