Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Newbie Giveaway and a BIG proud momma moment!

Are you looking for some new, wonderful teaching blogs?  If so then stop, collaborate and listen.   Me and six other bloggers new to the blogging block are getting together to give YOU some wonderful prizes.  What a great way to start your summer! See below for how to enter.

In order to win one of these 7 great prizes - meet my new blogging buds:
and me
The Accidental Teacher, Mom, Runner . . .

Grabbing their buttons, following their TpT stores, adding us to your blog roll or blogging about the giveaway and leaving a link to the blog entry will get you more chances to win.
Please go to Little Miss Kindergarten to join in on the fun and begin entering the giveaway. ALL COMMENTS must be posted on Little Miss Kindergarten to be counted for the Giveaway although we all LOVE reading comments!!  Thank you to those of you that have already entered.  I hope you will find these blogs helpful.  I'm always learning and discovering new things from these wonderful teachers.

Now for my proud momma moment. (I had to include this in this post because it may be the only time I get to the computer today - this is a CRAZY day)

Today was my oldest daughters first guitar recital  She started taking lessons in March and managed to conquer her fear of stage fright and perform two beautiful songs (from memory, no sheet music needed)  Way to go Maddie, I can't wait to hear what you play next!!


Frugalteacher said...

HI! Following you from the Blog Team Giveaway! I teach 2nd grade in Texas.

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