Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More Anchor charts . . .

6 more days to go, and I'm trying my hardest to keep everything as normal as possible.  We are currently working on synthesizing in our reader's workshop.  My anchor charts continue to grow, even as the school year winds down.  Here are a few new ones that are posted in my room and some I discovered in my teammates room.

This is from my teammates room.  What a wonderful way to set up expectations for the workshop model!

This is from the thinking strategy of determing importance - how to tell interesting facts from important details.  In first grade EVERYTHING is important!

This is a chart to show how to listen to your reader's voice when you are learning something new.

 I just started fractions (yes with just a week to go)  My students LOVE it.  It's keeping them so engaged so close to the end of the school year.

We have been working a lot on story problems and this is our story problem solving strategy.

The other day we reviewed all the different ways we respond to reading.  We discussed what a thinking stem is (one of my wise students found the connection between thinking stems and a flower stem and said it's the words you use to hold up your thinking - SO SMART!!) 

This anchor chart is used to show that order to see the WHOLE picture in a fiction story a reader needs to have all the pieces.

We read a book about dolphins and charts how our schema changes, was added to or remained the same.

This is another one from across the hall - she has a wonderful way of charting her student's thinking!!


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{LOVING} the anchor charts!!!!!!
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