Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Morning . . no alarm clock

This morning was my first Monday morning post end of school.  No alarm clock; except the one my 23 month daughter provides when she wakes up in the morning.  I'd much rather wake up to "Mommy, where are you?"  Then some loud beeping any day (even if it's early).

SO although I am now officially on summer vacation, I wish I could put my mind on summer vacation also.  I'm already thinking about next year. I will be teaching kindergarten for the first time EVER!  I'm very nervous, but also very excited.  I've started to create a year long plan for myself and a class schedule that will allow for a lot of breaks and short lessons.  I'm also teaching using the workshop model for reading, writing & math. I'm wondering what will that look like in kindergerten?  Once I get everything on paper, I will post it for feed back and suggestions from all you brilliant kindy teachers out there.  I also am planning a shopping trip to IKEA to get some organization for all the toys I've acquired for next year.  (Don't worry Mr. M, it's reimbursable by the district)  I would love to hear some advice/suggestions on how you organize your centers for free choice time.  I know how important it is to give young children that time to play/socialize/learn/problem solve.

Thanks to all my new followers. I hope you've enjoyed checking out all our blogs.  We've enjoyed getting to meet you!


Anonymous said...

hehehe -- I could spend that money at IKEA and at Target on this organizer I am eyeing :-) IF you'd like any ideas, I'd be happy to pass on any ideas I can think of.

Happy Summer :-) My brain has yet to really turn off for the summer! Although I like having the time to plan or not depending on my mood...
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The Sherman Four said...

i am teaching kinder for my first time next year too!!!!!! i will be following you for some inspiration! ( )

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