Thursday, June 30, 2011

Listening . . .

I look like I'm sitting here at the computer checking my e-mails, Facebook, Blogger, etc.  What I'm really doing is listening to Mr. M read to our oldest daughter Maddie.  They are totally engaged in this book.  I do not exist.  The fireworks that are being lit (early I might add) do not exist.  The world to them is our old red couch, a green blanket and a good book.  They are reading The Magician's Elephant by Kate DiCamillo.  Every time they finish a chapter Maddie BEGS for Mr. M to keep reading (and secretly I do too).  It makes me realize how lucky I am that Maddie has two parents who LOVE to read and who have read to her almost EVERY night since she was born.  It make me appreciate the quiet times when there is not a lot happening.  It make me see that there is no need for television or computer or a DS when you have a good book.  It also helps me see that I too can instill this love of reading into every young mind I meet, just by reading them a good book. It makes me happy to be a teacher.


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