Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Tuesday! You know what that means . . .

My top ten this week was inspired by Beth over at Primary Connections and her post about IKEA. If you haven't checked out her blog, please do.  So Beth had "The IKEA Experience" and it got me thinking about all the wonderful ways I use IKEA in my classroom.  I was lucky enough to grow up with Ikea when I lived in Brussels.  My entire bedroom came from Ikea and we still have the wardrobe units we used in my sister's room.  Ikea is really a teacher's best friend.  It's affordable, durable and very fun! 

Here are are top ten favorite items from Ikea that I use in my classroom.

1. Samla small box - these are my FAVORITE!  I use them to house all my math manipulatives, art supplies, books, etc.  They're see through and fit perfectly into the cabinet space in my classroom.  AND they are only $1.50!

2. The Samla rectangular box is also wonderful.  I use this box at my publishing table to house colored pencils, and markers when my students are ready to publish their writing.  I also use it for magnetic letters and other phonics materials at my guided reading table.

3. The Lingo magazine file.  PERFECT for storing books for reader's workshop, folders for writing & math workshop & everything in between!

4. Any of the playmats & rugs from the children's department are fun and really durable.  My daughter's had one in her room for years and it still looks great!  Plus at $15 you can get 2!

5. The Mammut children's chair or stool is wonderful for any reading corner or nook in your classroom.

6. I use these Sagosten chair pillows at my guided reading table and in my reading nook!
7. The Mala easel is a bargin at $15 and what primary classroom wouldn't be complete without an easel?

8. The Glis box with lids are great for holding small manipulatives or crayons.  PLus they are dishwahser safe so when they get a little groody you can tak ethem home, stick them in teh dioshwasher and have clean boxes!

9. The Kusiner wall pockets are great for housing books you want to highlight or challenge work for those students that need it or stuff!

10. What classroom wouldn't be complete with soft lighting.  Ikea has MANY different types of floor and table lamps in all different colors and shapes!

Doesn't this make you want to go shopping?  Only a few days left for me and I can go get ready for my kindergarten classroom next year!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the shout out!!! Wish I knew about some of these golden finds when I went there on Saturday but I was trying to pick up my jaw the entire time I was in there lol. Thanks for this post- I know I will have to head back to IKEA and I am kicking myself for not exploring this option years earlier. (For some reason I thought IKEA was only modern stuff- not my style so I didn't go)

Primary Connections

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