Thursday, June 16, 2011

And then there was silence . . .

Today was the final day of school and although I am very much looking forward to summer and spending time with my family, sleeping in (as much as you can with a 2 year old) and relaxing in general, I will very much miss teaching.  My friend whom I mentioned in an earlier blog post wrote a beautiful poem with her class that sums up what every teacher feels at the end of a school year.  Thank you Debbie for letting me share this with the world.

At the End of the School Year

By Mrs. Nagelmann

Hurry!  Just a few more days to learn,
to clean, to pack, to sort and put away.
Just another day to hand out papers
 and put report cards together,
Just another hour to give the last hug,
the last smile, the last wave.
Hurry!  The buses are here to begin summer.

It’s quiet now,
The room is empty,
Posters down, chairs stacked, books put away.
The silence feels heavy as if the quiet
          Is sitting on top of the energy now gone.

The late afternoon sunlight filters in between the
          almost closed shades.
Memories of laughing, learning, working, growing linger.
What is coming with the next dawn?
What new memories will surface with the daybreaks
          of a new life at the end of a school year.


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