Monday, May 16, 2011

My First Giveaway Post

I recently discovered a new blog about running and teaching and being a mother.  Sound familair?  Please check out and follow Amanda at Runninghood.  She's a former teacher, a mom, and a distance runner.  All of which make her fabulous!  She is holding a very exciting giveaway right now for a SIGNED copy of Kara Goucher's book Running for Women. 
 Make sure you check out her blog and the giveaway!


Amanda@runninghood said...

Aw, thanks! A post just for my giveaway! You will surely be in the running! :) :) Love your blog so far. Thanks for stopping by. Hope to catch up on here. I see some things about reader's and writer's workshop to my right...ahh, my two biggest passions as a teacher. HUGE advocate for the workshop approach if done successfully!

Jennyfer said...

Thanks for checking me out! I teach in a workshop school and I LOVE it!

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