Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's Tuesday . . . another top ten list. A Night at the Movies!

My hubs and I got out for a night at the movies.  This is a rarity given we have two girls and the fact that we are on a tight budget since Mr. M went back to school.  Thank goodness for $5 movie night at Regal.  SO my Top Ten list is my ten favorite movies about teaching/school/education.  Some are inspirational.  Some are funny and some are a guilty pleasure.

In no particular order. . . . here are 10 fabulous movies about teaching/teacher/education. . . .

1. School of Rock - Jack Black, kids rocking out,  need I say more?

2. Lean on Me - Morgan Freeman was so fantastic in this movie

3.Freedom Writers - although I am not a huge fan of Hilary Swank, the message behind this movie was amazing.

4. Stand and Deliver

5. Animal House - filmed in Eugene, Oregon!  Toga! Toga! Toga!

6. Waiting for Superman - this documentary was so thought provoking.  I'm not sure I agreed with everything in the movie, but it absolutely gave me reason to pause and reflect on my own teaching philosophy

7. Dead Poets Society - my first movie crush - Ethan Hawke, XOXO

8. The Breakfast Club - "Don't mess with the bull, or you'll get the horns."

9. Ferris Bueller's Day Off - I always loved his best friend, Cameron Frye

10.Race to Nowhere - If you  have not seen this documentary I highly recommend it.  It's about the emphasis on standardized testing and how education is not "one size fits all."

I wonder if they made a movie about my team what it would be like.  If they made it today, it would definitely be closer to Animal House!


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