Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's Another Tuesday Top Ten List! Expert Top Ten List That is . . .

For this week's top ten I decided to focus on my students.  We are working on our expert reports in nonfiction writing.  As any awesome author will tell you, the writing process begins by brainstorming and an author always writes about what they know.  Today we started our expert reports with a list about the things we KNOW a lot about.  This brainstorm is from a student who has really blossomed this year. Today was such an wonderful day for him because he worked independently for the first time all day long.   He was really proud of himself and he should be!

His list of ten things he knows a lot about what one of my favorites.  I do so enjoy a first grader's perspective on the world.

Ten Things I KNOW a Lot About

My personal favorite is #7 - eating lunch!


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