Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Insect Q & A Books, Test Prep & a Chrysalis . . . Oh My!

This week has been SOOOO crazy busy!  It's only Tuesday! We've had several projects going on in my classroom and I feel like we are never going to finish them.  The end of the year is looming (32 more days) and I'm having panic attacks.  Did I teach everything I needed to?  Will my students be ready for second grade?  Are they all reading on grade level?  Can they add?  AAHHHH!

When I look back on what we have accomplished I feel much better.  Here are a few projects we have been working on.  Our 3-5 graders are taking the MSP (our state mandated test) this week and as a moral booster each K-2 class is buddies with a 3-5 class to offer them support during this stressful time.  Our class is buddies with a fourth grade class.  We started be writing them some encouraging messages and tying them to a water bottle.  We call them  A Message on a Bottle.

We also made test survival kits filled with gum, peppermints, pencils, erasers & Hugs!  (the chocolate kind)

Here is a copy of the labels I used. I printed them out on mailing labels, the larger ones with 10 to a sheet, and my students signed their name at the bottom. 
Test Taking Survival Kit Labels

Here our the insect Question & Answer books we have been working SOOO hard on. We are  going to have our author's celebration on Friday with dirt cups (topped with worms of course)

And finally there was great excitement in the room as our caterpillars built their chrysalis and are getting ready to turn into butterflies.  That along with our mealworms turning from larva to pupa is cause for celebration (and students who are having a hard time focusing on their writing, wouldn't you if there were LIVE bugs changing in your room)

I also want to say THANKS to all the wonderful teachers I have taught along side, who have taught me and who have inspired me. I AM a better teacher and person because you have been in my life.  

Stay tuned for a top ten list coming soon!


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