Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Top Ten Thing I LOVE about Spring Break

I know that most teachers look forward to spring break because they are ready for a little R&R and most parents look forward to spring break because of time spent with the family.  Being a teacher and a parent I look forward to spring break for all these reasons and more.  Here are my top ten. (as usual in no particular order, just how they come to me)

1. Time spent with my family (obviously)  During the school year I teach all week while Mr. M stays home with the little one.  Then during the weekend Mr. goes to school while I stay home with our little ones, which means we hardly ever see each other. Normally we would head out on a vaca and find some sun; this year we are relaxing at home and having picnics for dinner and walks to the farmer's market and going out to breakfast and loving every moment of it.

Can you resist this face?  I can't.

2. Time to catch up with good friends.  I've already had a pedicure and look forward to meeting my friend's new baby boy and catching up on some gossip over coffee.

3. Time to do whatever I want (code for taking a nap)

4.  Time to run.  I've already been twice and the first time was hard, second time a little easier.  It can only get better from here.  I will share that story another time.

5. Time to make some really yunny food.  Last night for dinner we had roasted salmon with a crust of chipotle and rosemary, roasted asparagus and parmesan orzo with fresh basil.  Tomorrow night is homemade pesto with garlic and chive pasta.  Who has time to cook like that during the school week?  Not me.  I would have taken a picture to share, but I was too hungry.  Tomorrow for breakfast is pain au chocolat - no dieting on spring break!

6. I can set my own scheulde. I love that I don't have to set my alarm clock, instead I have my own personal alarm.  Her name is Lola and I would much rather wake up to her talking in her room than the beeping of my alarm clock.  As long as it comes after 7 am.

7.  Time to hang out with Maddie.  The older she gets the less time she wants to spend with her old mom.  I want to savor every moment she chooses to spent time with me.

8. Time to myself.  I feel so lucky that I have a husband who will let me take naps and hang out with our children while I take time for me.  Thanks Mr. M!

9. Time to plan.  Although I try not to think about work (and so far I haven't) I do enjoy the TIME to think about work. Teachers you know what I mean. I can take time to read a new book about math or reading workshop or teaching my struggling students and plan out my insect unit for the spring. I get inspired by finding new ways to reach my students and engage them in learning about non-fiction.

10.  By the time spring break is over I am re-energized and excited to see my students again. I feel rested and ready to teach!


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