Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Look out kindergarten . . . here I come!

Next week is our kindergarten round-up.  I am very excited, but also quite nervous.  It will be my first time teaching kindergarten.  It's hard to be thinking about next year while I am still in the midst of this year.  Although we only have 36 days left in school I feel like there is still so much to do to get my firsties ready for second grade. But yet I had to turn in my supply list for next year and start thinking about how I am going to set up my room for kindergarten. 

Deep breath Jen!

So my fellow kindergarten teachers for next year and I wrote a kindergarten pamphlet we are going to pass out to our upcoming kindy families along with directions for how to access the kindergarten website we created.  (By "we" I mean Ken, my teaching husband and technology guru)

Kindy Parent Info

I am actually quite excited by the round-up.  We are going to read the classic Eric Carle book The Tiny Seed

and plant our own seeds.  By the time the seed will have grown, it will be ready for kindergarten to begin!

So if any of you kindergarten teachers are out there reading this I would LOVE  to hear your advice and kindergarten wisdom on organization and great ways to begin the school year.


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