Saturday, April 2, 2011

How I Became a Teacher (Accidentally)

Being late to join the world of blogging, when I finally decided to start my blog all the good names were taken. So I thought about how I came into the world of teaching and  when I thought about my story I realized that it was quite by accident.  I never intended to become a teacher.  I never grew up saying, "When I grow up, I'm going to be a teacher." I played school as a child but it was not my life's dream.  What I really wanted to be was the drummer for the Go-Go's or an actor in Hollywood.

I went to university fully intending to get a degree in the arts and one day make it to Broadway or Hollywood.  I never occurred to me that this was not possible, even though I couldn't sing and I have a funny voice, that was my dream.  Then I took a puppetry class.  For our final we wrote our own plays, made our own puppets and performed for a local elementary school.  That was it, my moment of clarity. What I really wanted to do was this - teach.  From the second I stepped out from behind the curtain and started a Q and A with the students about the performance, I was totally certain that I wanted to become a teacher. The students were so engaged in our play. When we showed them how we made the puppets they were in awe of us. I couldn't believe how excited they got over the prospect of getting to make their own puppets and when one of them said that he was going to be a puppeteer when he grew up I thought, "Wow, look at what influence one person can have over another."  I was referring to the students having such an impact on me!

My colleges and family will tell you that from time to time I can be quite dramatic and I always find an excuse to do readers theater or dress up.  My love for the theater and acting has never gone away, I just found something that I loved more ~ teaching!

My teammate and I dressed up for the 80th day of school!

That is how I accidentally became a teacher and how I came to the title of my blog.

This is my spring break and I am hoping to take an actual break, no planning, no thinking about school, just some relaxing with the fam!  We'll see how long that lasts!

Also since nobody commented about questioning I guess that no one gets a copy of this wonderful book.  So I am giving it to my sister who will be adopting her first child from Thailand this summer!  Maybe I'll try to get some more followers before I have another giveaway or maybe a better prize : )


Lindsey (The Teacher Wife) said...

i love it! and i am happy you love you job:) even if it was an accident!!!

Michelle said...
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