Sunday, April 24, 2011

How I Became a Mom (accidentally)

I've already described how I came to the name of my blog The Accidental Teacher, but here is how I got to the MOM part. This story does not really relate to teaching, except to say that being a parent has changed the way I teach.  Not that it's made me a better teacher, just a different one for the better.

I normally write a Tuesday top ten list.  I didn't get to it this week because on Tuesday my littlest one, the daredevil, dislocated her wrist and ended up in the ER.  She absolutely fine now.  She's a climber and will climb on ANYTHING. She's so brave and not afraid to get into whatever there is to get into and mix it up!

Lola is very different than her sister, Madeline.  Maddie always sat back and watched the world.  She was a quiet baby who did her own thing.  Maddie was independent and happy to sit and play quietly. She would hold your hand when out in public or she'd walk right next to you.  Lola does not.  She's into everything, she climbs onto everything and needs a leash when out in public.

Maddie and Lola are seven years apart in age.  It's actually kind of wonderful because Maddie is so helpful with Lola and is a amazing older sister.  When Mr. M and I had Maddie we told ourselves three years and we'll be ready for the next one.  Three years came and went and we were so happy.  Maddie was really a wonderful baby/toddler/little girl.  So we began to try for our next addition to the fam.  We knew it would take time because it had taken time to have Maddie.  Three years and many, many heartbreaks after we started trying we were told that it was very unlikely we would be able to have any more children.  We were saddened by this news, but chose to think about the things we did have.  Each other and Maddie.  We really couldn't have asked for a better child. That summer (2008) we had a garage sale and got rid of all of our baby things we had been saving.  It was time for a fresh start.  We decided to build an addition to our house which consumed all our free time.

The fall of 2008 I opened a new school.  Any of you teachers/parents/friends with children know that whenever you're exposed to a new group of children the germs start flying! I came down with strep throat in October.  I took my antibiotics and felt better in no time. In November I came down with strep throat again.  This time I also caught a stomach bug with it.  I went to the doctor and told them I had strep throat but that I also had a stomach bug. The doc took a throat culture and sure enough it came back positive for strep throat.  He also did a few blood tests because I am subject to low iron and he wanted to check my levels.  OK.  He said he would call with the results.

I went home and immediately went to bed to rest.  The doctor's nurse called with my blood test results and congratulated me.  On what? I thought, having strep throat twice in a month?  No she said, on being pregnant.  I just about fainted.  Me? Pregnant?  No way!  Mr. M had the same response when he got home and asked if I had strep again and I said, "Yup, and I'm pregnant."

8 months later Lola Jane was born and our family was finally complete. That's how I came to be a mom (for the second time) quite by accident.  In my life, it's was the BEST accident I ever had.

Maddie reading to her sister.

Maddie & Lola, quite a pair!

This is how Lola looks most of the time (the rest of the time she is screaming)

The Murphine Clan

Two peas in a pod.

Thank you Lola and Maddie for giving me such joy and for helping me become a better person!


Tim said...

I love you. You are the best mom our kids could ask for and a better partner than I deserve. Thank you!

Ali said...

How sweet! Thanks for sharing! That just was the perfect ending to my Easter Sunday!

What happens in kindergarten... lasts a lifetime

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