Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Hour

Every Wednesday our school has early release for teacher planning.  At first I wasn't sure what to do on Wednesdays.  Our schedule was so choppy that I only have 1 hour of continuous teaching time. I have now come to appreciate this as "Happy Hour".

One of my goals for this school year was to include more art in my teaching.  Last year when I was working toward my National Board Certification I had to complete an entry on art.  I had not taught art all year and my second grade students LOVED it.  SO this year when I loved back down to first grade I vowed to teach art.  Wednesday were perfect.  I had a 1 hour time slot that was enough time to introduce and teach an art lesson and for the students to create art. This became known as my happy hour. My one hour of the day when ALL of my students were engaged and learning and cooperative and having fun.  Most weeks we work on an art technique, but I often try to include math and writing along with my art.  We love to make glyphs and presents for other too.

Trash into Treasure

This week we worked on recycled art in honor of Earth Day on Friday.  I sent a letter home to parents asking to collect their "trash".  They sent in cardboard, aluminum foil, buttons, egg cartons, magazines etc.  Today we turned our trash into treasure. Here are a few examples of my students' treasure:

I set up a painting station (using recycled materials of course)

Here is my example, I made a recycled art statue of "The Thinker"

a mailbox

This student was making a vase out of an old baby food jar.

This student was making a 3-D picture of a dog.

This student was making a bird house.

The flower vase

The birdhouse (still needs some paint)

The 3-D dog picture

This student made a car and a boat.

This student is making an Earth Day game out of egg cartons.


Just4Teachers said...

Love your Earth Day activities!! Very creative! Thanks for stopping by my blog. My 1st graders are loving the "I like bugs" poem... and the activity. I did a sample... if you want to check it out. They can't wait to get their little fingers into the ink pad to do the "bugs"! :-)

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