Saturday, April 9, 2011

All Good Things Must Come to an End

This is my final weekend before returning to work.  I have really enjoyed my spring break and didn't do too much work. I went out with some friends last night and enjoyed a happy happy hour, but alas I am starting to think about all the things I will come back to on Monday; unfinished lesson plans, DRA testing, staff meetings, our big school wide event (which I am on the planning committee) and on and on . . .  I even had a back to school dream where I had to take the morning off and when I returned to school, my sub didn't show up and my class disappeared.  Does anyone else have those dreams?  I always know that the end of a vacation is near when I start to have my back to school dreams.

So to appease the back to school gods I did a little planning today while Lola was napping.  After I return I will finished up my unit on asking questions and start my favorite unit - determining importance!  I love teaching this thinking strategy because I pair it with nonfiction writing and our science investigation of insects.  It's such a fun, exciting and engaging way to end the school year.  Although I'm not particularly found of insects, I heart how excited my students get when learning about them (until they begin to bring them in for show & tell!!)

I am posting a few things I created for my new unit.  Once I get back to work and in the swing of things, I will post some pictures of anchor charts and examples of student work.

This first download is a collection of things I have found over the years.  Books I've read, articles I've found, etc, etc.  I put everything in one document.  Then following that is some response sheets I use to capture my student's thinking about determining importance.

Determining Importance

FQR Response Sheet

Important Details

Important Ideas vs. Interesting Details

Nonfiction Reading Response

What's the Big Idea - RR for Det. Import.

Be sure to check back in on Tuesday when I will have my top ten Michael Scott quotes as my tribute to him leaving the office.


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