Sunday, March 27, 2011

Questioning & a FREE BOOK!

Mr. M and I just got back from a weekend in the big city . . . Seattle.  We probably go once every few months.  We love it there.  Mostly for the food, but we have so many happy memories that going back always helps us remember the good times we've had and the good times that are still to come.  It's where I grew up and so I associate this fine city with beginnings.  It where my parents met and begun their relationship.   It's where I was born and spent the beginning years of my life. And finally, Seattle is where Mr. M and I lived at the beginning of our marriage. I could go on and on, but while I was visiting my favorite city and spending time at my favorite place (The Pike Place Market; not the main drag, but underneath the market) I was reminded of my favorite book store there and all the wonderful books I have collected for my classroom over the years. Most of them about  . . .  Seattle.

Next week I am continuing teaching the thinking strategy of asking questions during my reading workshop; specifically, finding the answers to our questions. My students have been expects at paying attention to their thinking and asking questions before, during and after reading.  No we are digging in and looking at ways we answer our questions.  Seattle has inspired me to pull out my Seattle books and use these to help my students learn ways to answer their questions (in the text, making an inference, schema & connections).  Here is a list of my favorite Seattle books:

There is an entire Larry series, includind Larry Gets Lost in Chicago, Larry Gets Lost in New York and Larry get Lost in Texas!

This story is my favorite, about an adorable big foot who is trying to find some peace and quiet!

Now for the Free part!  In order to get your own copy of Wheedle on the Needle, all you need to do is comment about your favorite books for teaching Questioning or an activity you use for teaching your students the thinking strategy of asking questions. 

On Friday, April 1st I will choose a lucky winner.

I cannot wait to read all your ideas!

Be sure to check back in on Tuesday, I will have a list of my top ten things from Seattle!


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