Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Meet The Accidental Teacher

I recently, by accident, discovered the world of blogging when I did a web search for anchor charts.  One of the first links in my Google search was for the blog First Grader . . . At Last.  I fell in love with Sarah's blog and swiftly borrowed several of her ideas beginning with noun town.  Then I started looking around at other blogs and thought to myself, how do these teachers do it?  Raise a family, come up with these amazing ideas and find time to blog about it oh and teach full time.

Then I thought, why not me?  I come up with great ideas that I share with my team, and find time to play with my daughters and teach my first grade class.  So I am trying my hand at blogging. My goal is to post at least once a week and I promise that all my materials will be free for others to use, as I have used the materials that many others have provided. Thanks to the many, many other teachers out there in blog land that have inspired me to put my ideas out there. I consider myself a technology beginner so any advice that you other bloggers can offer I would appreciate.

I would also like to thank my daughter Lola because I am currently home with her as she is suffering my a nasty sinus infection.  If I had not stayed home I might not have had the time/courage to start my own blog.  Thank you Lola!


Kenneth Dekker said...

Loving it!!! I can't wait to see next years blog

Jennyfer Murphine said...

Thanks Ken! I knew I could count on you. Thanks for being my first (and possible only) follower!

Rhonda Walton said...

I like it Jenn!

By the way...I love the Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. I see it on your bookshelf. Reading it to my class right now and gave them blank sketch books to draw or write their thinking about each chapter in as I read. They love showing thier thinking every day!

Jennyfer Murphine said...

Thanks Rhonda! I just finished reading Edward Tulane to Maddie, we could not put it down! Teckla recommended it to me and she said you told her about it so THANK YOU!

Kelley said...

Can't wait to see more!


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