Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March Madness . . .

March madness has hit . . . and I am not talking about basketball.  The natives are restless!  Our spring break is 1 1/2 weeks away and it can't come soon enough. Living in the northwest you get used to rain and clouds and gray, so when the sun finally makes an appearance it hypnotizes you and makes you do silly things.

On Wednesday we have early release days for planning and when the natives are restless I calm them with art.  Our next science unit is about insects and I found a wonderful butterfly art project on Jenn Bates blog Finally in First ( If you have not checked out her blog, do so.  It's wonderful) She got the idea from a fantastic art blog called Deep Space Sparkle (another wonderful blog, most of you probably already know about these but as I am very late in the blogging game I am just discovering them)

I will post pictures at the end of the day once their art is completed.  If there is anyone out there reading this, what do you do when March Madness hits your room?


Kenneth Dekker said...

I am loving your blog...I especially am inspired by all of you creativeness and your students work...Nice Job to our neighbors next door.

Clipping Quick said...

Great post.Thank you so much.

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